2019 TRANSFOMERS Interactive Catalogue


Single-phase transformers

The dry type single-phase transformers has a rated power range between 10VA and 31,5 kVA. The transformers are manufactured according the IEC/EN 61558 Standards (safety, isolating, control, separating or medical transformers), IEC/EN 60076 (power transformers) or CNOMO E03.22.210N. There are different models of transformers depends of the protection index which can be IP00 or IP20, with Screw or Din rail fixing. The different size transformers work 100% of the rated power in ambient temperatures up to 40°C. There is a wide range of Transformers in stock and special transformers are designed on request.

Three-phase transformers

Three-phase power isolating transformers dry type. Intended for change of voltages with galvanic isolation, attenuation of line disturbances and/or when it is necessary to change the neutral system. Connection with terminal blocks or with screws for flats terminals. Manufactured with electrical steel with low losses and copper windings. On request we can manufacture transformers with other voltages, with taps, electrostatic screen, with thermal switch, etc. IP00 and IP23 protection index models.