Domestic catalogue - FRENCH STANDARD

gG Domestic fuse links

Domestic cylindrical fuse links gG class, for general protection against overloads and short circuits, intended as protection in household and similar applications. Silver plated melting elements that avoid aging and maintain unalterable the electrical characteristics. Versions available with visual fusing indicator. Manufactured according to IEC and EN standards with ceramic tube and silver plated copper contact caps. NF approval. 

AD Domestic fuse links

Fuse links AD class for circuit breaker protection according to EDF technical specifications. Made with ceramic body with high withstand to internal pressure and thermal shock, that allow a high breaking capacity in a reduced physical space. The melting elements are silver plated in order to avoid the aging and thus keep unalterable the electric characteristics. Contacts are made with silver plated copper.

PMD Domestic fuse holders

Modular fuse holders for domestic cylindrical fuse links. For mounting on DIN/EN rail. IP20 protection index (finger safe). Single-phase models or single-phase+neutral in only one module. Available with or without fusing indicator. Multi pole units can be made with connection accessories. PMD fuse holders are made with self-extinguishable materials and have silver plated copper contacts. NF approval.