PMX-CC Modular fuse holders

Modular fuse holders for cylindrical fuse links size CLASS CC

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PMX-CC Modular fuse holders

Modular fuse holders for cylindrical fuse links size CLASS CC according UL4248-4 standard. Compact design, with reduced distances. Ventilation zones optimized for a better heat dissipation. For mounting on DIN/EN rail. Single phase and multi-pole types. Available with fusing indicator Multi-pole units can be made with connection accessories. PMX-CC fuse holders are made with self-extinguishable materials and have silver plated copper contacts. All the materials are according to the European Directive 2002/95/EC RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical material). UL approval.









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Multipolar assembly

Standard system by DF, 3 clips and 1 pin for each union between poles.

Identification by label

Open the label-holder part with the fuse holder closed, put on the label and close it.

Sealed by a wire (CLOSED)

PMX fuse holders allow to be sealed by a wire.

Padlock accessory (OPEN)

PMX lock accessory preventing the unauthorized use of fuse holder.


Open the fuse holder and extract the fuse link.


Introduce the lock into the indicated hole.


Introduce the fuse link into the fuse holder (1). Push the lock(2).


Put the padlock. Now the fuse holder is locked.

Special IP20 protection

The accessory mut be positioned in the wire entries, if it’ s neccesary to achieve the IP20 degree of protection with thin wires.

Phase separators accessory

The accessory increases the distance between phases in multipolar asemblies.

Screw protection accesory

Protection accesory to avoid the screws manipulation and improve the protection degree.

Screw fixation accessory

First mount the accessory with screws, then mount the fuseholder (there are available differents accessories depending the number of the fuseholder).



UL4248-1 Fuseholders
UL4248-4 Fuseholders
UL486E Wiring terminals
CSA C22.2 Nº 4248-1 Fuseholder assemblies
CSA 22.2 Nº 65 Wire connectors


For further information about PMX-CC Modular fuse holders

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