Upgrade in Rapidplus®

Cylindrical fuse links for semiconductors

We are pleased to introduce you one of the most important upgrade that we did made for the Cylindrical fuses for the RAPIDPLUS® family, from now on all the cylindrical fuses from 2A to 100A for the aR and the gR will be UL certified.

The cylindrical fuses has a rated voltage of 690 V AC. The sizes that have been certified are 10×38, 14×51 and 22×58 furthermore the version with striker for the size 14×51 and the 22×58, for use in fuse bases with microswitch.



As per the Standards IEC60269 and EN60269 (which are the regulation that we use in our production) these comprise several utilization categories for fuse-links. Designation of these categories are formed by two parts, first letter states the breaking range of fuse-link:


aR Protection against short-circuit for semiconductors

“a” Partial range: Protection only against short-circuit.

“R” Semiconductor protection (optimized for low I2t values)


gR Protection against overload and short-circuit for semiconductors (low I2t)

“g” Full range: Protection against overload and short-circuit.

“R” Semiconductor protection (optimized for low I2t values)



The UL certification is an external laboratory certification which is an irrevocable guarantee of product quality and manufacturing process. This certificate will positioning this product in the most demanding markets without any problem.


The breaking capacity have been increased for this product family, from 100 kA to 200 kA (at 690V ac) in both ranges, aR as well as gR. The rated breaking capacity of a fuse-link is the maximum short-circuit current that the fuse-link can interrupt in a safer way.


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